Coronavirus, not for us

IT’S NOT THE END AS WE KNOW IT I had to stop watching television, especially the establishment news as it is uncertain what is true and what is made up to scare the shit out


I had to stop watching television, especially the establishment news as it is uncertain what is true and what is made up to scare the shit out of the normal person. I am sorry, I always have known I was rather gullible, but holy shit, when you see people panic buying and taking things to another level, with their Fuck you, Jack, I’m alright. People are seriously stressing over the slightest of things, a cough, a sneeze.

Let me clarify something first, I am not saying that this Corona Virus is not a bad thing or a serious virus. I know it’s a fucking killer and will take many lives before they sort it out.


This is very sound advice and I recommend we follow it, but saying that (oops! it’s contradiction time…LOL) and I know we have a sort of stay home curfew here in Holland, but Sunday I just had to get outside. I have hit a brick wall with my book, the songs that were flying out have not so much dried up, but I just couldn’t be bothered practising them. My painting company is of course on stand-by just now because of the curfew. So you see I needed to venture to pastures new.

I know I have a mountain of books I really want to read and a few courses I am taking, trying to better myself physically and mentally, but Sunday there was a beautiful blue sky and as we say in Dundee ‘the sun’s splitting the cassays’…which literally means the sun is bright and warm and blinding. Yes it was a bright sunny day and the sun did have some heat, but there was a chilly east wind. That wind we have in Holland is comparable to the mistral wind in the south of France, although I think it’s more nuts there, never the less, it was nice to get out and breathe some clean fresh air. Yes, I have the window open in my studio, but it does not beat going outside.

I took my camera as I wanted to get some cool shots and walking to and through a park near where I am staying, I still kept my distance from anyone I passed. It is funny, I picked the worst time to have a cold. People are shit scared to be near me. I really must stop acting the fool near people, sniffling etc LOL.

It is seriously a great feeling you get when walking outside and connecting with Mother Nature and the animals and birds you meet. It fills my heart with hope because my friends this is worrying times

But still, these are the questions people are worrying about

How long with this virus have control over virtually the whole world?

How many people will perish before it does end?

Are my family and friends going to be safe and survive this virus?

Unfortunately, I have no answer to those questions, I wish I did, but we must never lose our hope. There must always be a light at the end of the tunnel, one we can always head towards

Anyway walking on this glorious day and halfway through my walk I had a conversation with a magpie, whom I called Magnus. Well, I say conversation, he just stared at me, saying nothing, but it looked like he nodded when I asked him something. I know 80% of the people I know do not believe in this sort of things and that is such a pity because it is such a beautiful thing when you connect with an animal. We are on this earth together, we share this planet, we do not own it. I used to have lengthy conversations with Bruce and he was so funny because although he didn’t always answer, yes he did bark sometimes, he always made sure his feelings were felt. I miss those times and doubt they will return. But this has been discussed in another blog. So the story’s closed.

But hey this not an unhappy blog. This is one of hope and dreams. SO SMILE

I reckon I walked for a little over an hour and I took many photos, most appear here in this blog, but I decided I wanted to go back home and have a beer. Sometimes I have that feeling, but usually, I end having about 30 beers, but this time I had only one can, while I was uploading my photographs up to my laptop.

I was busy checking the photographs, feeling slightly happy and proud of myself. It is a wonder what such a walk does. But it is like it is planned, I get too happy with everything and something has to happen, for it was then I received a What’s App message from one of best friends, Rob. It seems the night before, he had had his third heart attack in less than a year. It’s funny how such a good buzz can sink down faster than the Titanic did and my heart was in my mouth. I felt strange. very negative and lost as I was unable to control this situation, it was out of my hands I stopped working on ideas for songs and my book because I couldn’t concentrate. So I did what I always do in such a situation and I recommend it. A short 10 meditation, this clears my thoughts and helps me to focus again. I then picked up an old book I am reading ‘The wind in the willows’ and started reading again. When I am reading a book I like, I can be a million miles away and get sucked into that story and forget the crappy things happening in the world.

Speaking of reading a book and not being in control of a situation. I have just finished a book called Seth Speaks. This is the story of a lady who is in a trance and her body is vacated by another soul and he tells of life and death and that there are more to this life than just things we can see and feel. I will not get too deep into this book as again more than 80% of people I know do not believe in this and only see what they have been taught to see. They think this is life and there is nothing more. Which is such a shame because believe me, that life is beautiful when you realize that there is so much more and that we have so much control over the road you take and the life you lead. I don’t mean there’s a God, I mean this is your life, you can get what you want if you try and believe hard enough. I have tried to tell some this but I am branded weird and living in a dream world. Yes, I am and it’s much more fun.

After dinner and another hour reading, late Sunday evening I received a message that Rob, that he was fine after they had done some procedures on him. He should be home today (Monday). That is a good vibe feeling again.

But getting back to the jest of this blog. Yes, I know I wander, ha ha ha.

What is happening in the world?    What is the future?

My friends my view is positive, mind you, I always have been. I can see positively in a negative situation. I see a future that might be different from what we were used to, but again, I do not have a clear answer to these questions. Yes, I can answer for me, but I cannot answer for you. We are all one, but all different, we see things through our own eyes and that is what makes life so beautiful. I may not see what you see, but I can respect your views. The only advice I can give is please stay positive.


I would like to teach people something that is really simple but O so cool, starting now. Let’s all start respecting each other. If you fuck up, so what it’s human, just say sorry to the person you might have hurt. Also learn to say Thank you, when someone does something for you, whether you asked for it or not…it is just two words THANK YOU. There are too many people I know who find it hard to say even this, but it is lack of respect if you can’t say it, and to believe they actually branded me an ego-tripper FFS. It’s laughable, isn’t it?

Another thing, If you MUST buy nearly everything from the supermarket, yes do it, but then why not donate half of it to charity or the food banks. Believe me, your Government knew this virus was coming long before you did and the supermarkets have more than enough goods to cater for months of lock-down.

Or why don’t we ever just be nice to someone you pass on the street? Say hi!, and ask how they are doing?

Support your local companies and businesses when you can, I fear many people are gonna lose their livelihood because of this, so please support them. The same goes for musicians, artists and entertainers who had hoped to perform and had shows and gigs in the lock-down period. People buy their music or their artwork or even donate even a few euros to their dreams. To you it is but a few euros to them it is their livelihood.

I know this is a hard time for everyone, especially the weak and ill. I hope we all get through this and then we can have a beer and laugh about. Have faith in yourself and the beautiful people in the health service. I would say shake them by the hand, but at this time that is not wise. So just say thank you for being there.also anyone in the services or companies that keeping going so you can survive.

My friends, This is not the end as we know it, I promise you that it is just the beginning of something beautiful.

So please please stay safe and keep yourselves healthy.


p.s. photos (c) s.a.smith/zeekcatweazlephotography

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