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Have you ever woke up and thought: “What’s it all about?” I have to be sincerely honest, this is something that I most definitely think about, I would even say nearly daily. Am I even

Have you ever woke up and thought: “What’s it all about?”

I have to be sincerely honest, this is something that I most definitely think about, I would even say nearly daily. Am I even on the right road?
I have had a troubled year, since leaving France. This is of course of my own doing and this I accept, but still, things have been turmoil, to say the least.

I know I am a thinker and I think about somethings just a little too much, but it’s part of me. Just as much as the enormous ego, I know I have.

But have you ever thought: what is your greater goal? Or do you even have one?

Seriously if you do not think about life and you are just going through the motions until you die, then what’s the fucking point, might I suggest you find the nearest bridge and jump, because you are wasting the air we ‘live-ers’ need. I am joking of course, but you see I believe there is a purpose in this life, even if it is only to be the best person you can be and especially enjoy life. Even if you are doing things that others raise their eyebrows about, if it makes you happy and if it does NOT cause anyone grief, who is to say it is wrong?

Don’t get me wrong, I am not promoting mass suicide, definitely not and yes I fully appreciate that circumstances can influence your feelings and you’re well being. I honestly take this into account.
But when you look in the mirror. Why are you so negative?
I can guarantee you there is someone, somewhere who wishes they had what you have. Someone who dreams that they have your freedom, your wisdom, your humour.

I don’t just mean your role as a mother or a father, even though I understand the importance this has to continue the existence of life. I mean and believe that there is a deeper meaning to your life.

What must you do to find your goal?

It is simple, what do you enjoy doing, Is it a certain sport? or do you like singing? or even though you might be a 160-kilogram weightlifter and you like knitting, then so be it. Do it, you were born to knit things for people. What gives you the most satisfaction in life? When you have completed it. What makes you think? I did that and I am proud of it. Seriously, before you start, dude, do not think about the 2 minutes sex adventure you had last night, believe me, she went home and finished the job.

But why do I always hear people say I wish I could do this or I wish I could do that, please, just shut the fuck up and do it? If you don’t know how then take time to learn it.

And please o please stop saying “I CAN’T do that”…change that to “I DON’T WANT to do that”. Shut up, it is just laziness.
If you need any inspiration at all, just look at the Special Olympics or check out films of people with handicaps doing things I would never dream of doing. I mean, you might not do things perfectly or like a professional, but if it makes you happy and gives your life a purpose than go for it

Even the little bird has a purpose in life

My friends I am not trying to force people into doing stuff against their will or that they have to active 24 hours a day. It is just that I see the good in everyone and you only get one shot at this, so why not make something of it.

When you are sitting in the old puppets home reminiscing about times that have passed by, remembering old age is a privilege not everyone is destined to receive, wouldn’t it be nice to enthral people with stories of an exciting life and not one that had no purpose or meaning

Go for it…

My only advice to you with this blog is to go out and invent or create something, follow your wildest dreams. Make something of your life, don’t just go through the motions of sleep/work/sleep/work…
Look at my story. I took a massive chance when I left Holland and moved to France. I left behind a great life, but I wanted to be with Sol and although it didn’t work out the way I had hoped or planned, it is a journey I am happy I took. If I hadn’t done it, I know for certain I would have regretted it for the rest of my life, pondering on, what might have been. Now I still think that, but that is because of the decisions I took, ones I might and should have taken differently, but I know I have learnt from it.

I love reading about people whom I know reaching a goal and making something of their life. It makes me proud to know them and I embrace their good vibes.

The best example I have has to be Sophie. A girl I know and a friend, who has built a restaurant called Soepp into a well-known name in Alkmaar and she is not stopping there, she is furthering her career and her business into something very special. This has to be proof, that if you want something and you work hard for it, it works. Or what about Sol in France. she is not in the best of health or in a place where she wants to be, but she is still out there trying to better herself by studying.

But I also realise some might ask, what happens if or when I reach my goal?
Then I start by saying Chapo, if you have satisfaction with this, brilliant take a bow, I applaud you.
But always remember goals can be moved and what is stopping you from going further and achieving even greater goals. Let Sophie be an example for you.

Okay, I hear you ask, Zeek, what are your goals?

Well, I have achieved one because you are reading it. LOL. I suppose I see myself as a born entertainer. I love to make people laugh through my humour or entertain them through music or vision. I know my music or humour might not be to everyone’s liking, but if I reach just one soul with my work, then I am on the road I was meant to be.

My view on life is, every day I learn something new, I see life from a different and new angle, which means it makes life exciting.

My friends, it doesn’t matter what you do in life, but do it with passion, enjoy it, learn from it and stop moaning about things you don’t have and start embracing things you do.

Peace and Love

Zeek Catweazle is best known for his work as ZEEKtheFREAK, but he is also an author, an entertainer, a humorist, a photographer, an editor, an actor, a compére. Yes, the bugger does nearly everything, but he is most definitely a Philosopher of life.

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